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Math 277 Topics in Differential Geometry: Dirac Operator & Index Theorem (Richard Balmer)

Math 279 Topics in PDE: Singularity Formation in Evolutionary PDEs (Sung-Jin Oh)

Information: Posted on Oh's Website


Physics 112  Introductory Statistical and Thermal Physics (Austin Hedeman):

Information: Posted on BCourses

Assignment: Gradescope, Due Friday 11:59 pm

Physics 151 Elective Physics: Special Topics: Time (Raphael Bousso):

Information: Posted on BCourses

Assignment: Gradescope, Due Monday 11:59 pm

Exam: 1 midterm, 1 final

Physics H190 Physics Honors Course: Neutrino Physics (Gabriel Orebi Gann):

Information: Posted on BCourses

My Presentation Info:


Title: Neutrino Masses and D-Brane Instaton Effects


Abstract: D-brane instantons of the Type II String orbifold model of certain compactification classes can nonperturbatively contribute to the matter couplings such as Majorana neutrino masses and Yukawa coupling by effectively breaking the global symmetries. D-brane instantons might instead generate small Dirac neutrino masses at the observed scale without fine-tuning. The hierarchy of neutrino masses can appear from the exponentially suppressed contributions of differential instantons. 



"Lepton Number And Neutrino Masses" by Witten:

"Yukawa Textures, Neutrino Masses, and Horava-Witten M-Theory" by Arnowitt, Dutta, and Hu,

"Neutrino Masses and Mixing" by Antusch, Ibanez, and Macri,

"Instanton Induced Neutrino Majorana Masses in CFT Orientifolds with MSSM-like spectra" by Ibanez, Schellekens, and Uranga,

"Neutrino Majorana Masses from String Instanton Effects" by Ibanez and Uranga,

"Neutrinos and String" (Slides) by Langacker,

"One String to Rule Them All: Neutrino Masses and Mixing Angles" by Gemill, Howington, and Mayes,

"Majorana neutrino masses by D-Branes instanton effects in magnetized orbifold models" by Hoshiya et al.,

"D-Instanton Generated Dirac Neutrino Masses" by Cvetic and Langacker,

"D-brane Instanton in Type II String Theory" by Blumenhagen, Cvetic, Kachru, and Weigand,

"Yukawa Coupling" (nlab),

Physics 232B Quantum Field Theory (Petr Horava) (Audit, Due to Enrollment Restriction):

Information: Posted on Horava's Website


Directed Reading Program (DRP):

Math Directed Reading Program (Math DRP):

Topic: Topology & Geometry

Mentor: Ronan O'Gorman

Presentation: Homology VS. Homotopy

Club Leadership:

Society of Physics Students (SPS), Seminar Co-Chair



  • Faculty-Student Lunch (FSL), time varies,

  • Undergraduate Seminar (UG Seminar), Thursday 6:30 - 7:30 pm, &

  • other seminars, panels, and lunch events, time varies, 


  • SPS Officer Meeting, Monday 6:00 - 7:00 pm

  • SPS General Meeting, Wednesday 6:30 - 7:30 pm

  • Cal Day

  • ...

Society of Women in Physical Science (SWPS), Coordinator



  • Speaker's Tea

  • Homework Party

  • ...


  • SWPS Officer Meeting, time varies

Club Just for Fun:

Cal Ballroom, Beginner Level

Swing Cal

Swing PE

Argentine Tango

Women in Weightlifting

  1. Lifting Group (Intermediate), Wednesday 8-10 am

  2. Workshop, Thursday 8-9 pm or 9 - 10 pm

  3. PR Night, Tuesday 8-10 pm

Berkeley Chinese Students and Scholars Association (BCSSA), Academic Department

  1. Physics & Engineering Academic Group Running & Newsletter

  2. Mentorship Family

  3. BIG Conference

  4. Academics-Related Articles for BCSSA WeChat Official Account

  5. ...


Summer Science Program Connect (SSP Connect), Mentor


Mentoring a senior and a junior high school students from SSP '22 Astrophysics weekly on

college applications, research opportunities, college life, self-studying materials, physics/math questions, etc.

Two Mentees

It is my second time being SSP Connect Mentor after I had been SSP Mentee in '20-'21.

Apart from mentorship, I also helped with panels for mentees.

Society of Physics Students (SPS) Mentorship Program, Mentor 


Three Mentees (with co-mentor Meredith)

Beaver Academy Summer Program Application, Mentor

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