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Blue, the color of the sky, has been my favorite color for several years.

Before that, green, the color of new grass, was my favorite.

Michelle is a fool.

She used to want to be CosmicElle

The Her of the Cosmos.

Adjust Mindset


  1. Cultivate Gratitude

  2. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

  3. Surround Yourself with Positive People

  4. Do One Thing You Love Each Day

  5. Give Back to Others

  6. Meditate Daily

  7. Reframe Challenges and Obstacles

  8. Exercise Daily

  9. Eat Natural and Healthy Foods

  10. Laugh Often

Seek Tranquility



  • ​月食 Know Yourself (App)






  • Disney (for music):

    • Moana​

    • Encanto

    • Frozen

    • Pirate of Caribbean



  • Watering Plants

  • Adding water to the humidifier

  • Doing laundry/Folding or Hanging Clothes

  • Doing the bed


  • In Berkeley

    • ​Desert:

      • Amausaan Uji Matcha 甘兔庵

      • Hui Lau Shan 许留山

      • U :Dessert Story

    • Boba:​

      • Plentea​

      • ​Yifang 一芳​

      • Feng Cha 奉茶

      • TP Tea 茶汤会

    • Lunch/Dinner:​

      • Ippudo 一風堂 

    • Takeout:​

      • Sushi GoGo​

    • Brunch:​

      • La Note​

    • Cafe:

      • La Vie Cafe​


  • Writing in Notion

  • Writing in 月食

  • Writing in WeChat

  • Writing in this page

  • Writing in Notebooks

  • Writing on papers


  • Chatting with best high school friends 

  • Chatting with old friends 

  • Chatting with friends at Berkeley (not in physics)

  • Chatting with friends at Berkeley (in physics)

  • Attending events

  • Going to SPS room

  • Doing assignments in the physics reading room

  • Doing assignments in library


  • Painting

  • Composing stories/poems

  • Composing music 

  • Designing clothes

  • Folding Origami

  • Weaving palm-leaf animals


  • Love myself

  • Appreciate people and chances


  • Embracing myself

  • Embracing stuff animals


  • Reading textbooks

  • Writing assignments

  • Watching math/physics videos

  • Reading papers

Love Myself

  • ...

Love Life

Moving Forward


  1. Specific: Define what the actual goal is so that you have a destination to work towards.

  2. Measurable: Measure progress or success in your goals. You can set metrics to target and then measure your success against those metrics. For instance, maybe your goal is to complete this course and you set an objective that you will finish one section each week.

  3. Attainable: The goal should be something realistic that you can achieve within the time frame that you set for yourself.

  4. Relevant: The steps you take towards your goal should be relevant to its outcome

  5. Time Bound: There should ultimately be an outline or rough estimate on when you are striving to accomplish the goal. Set a schedule of different tasks to complete and stick to it.

Make Your Goals Inspiring
Work with goals that excite you. The more that a goal creates motivation, the more enthusiastic you’ll be about pursuing it. It always helps to write down why you want to achieve a certain goal.

Stay Organized
Organization helps you track your success, which reinforces motivation and helps you see how far you’ve come. Better organization creates better understanding of what needs to be done to accomplish your goals.

Make Your Timeline Realistic
t's important to make the goals realistic, but equally important to set a realistic timeline. Each time an objective is missed it may erode confidence, so setting realistic timelines helps to reinforce success.

Understand The Challenges
Every goal will have challenges, so it's important to identify them and have a plan to address them. Being aware of any potential challenges and having a solution for them will help you break through any fears you have about reaching your goal.

Stay Positive
Goals may shift or become challenging but it's important to maintain a positive outlook on them. Celebrate the mini wins you get for yourself by giving yourself a reward. For example, if your goal is to reach out to five organizations in a week about offering yoga classes in your community and you reach it - reward yourself with something small that makes you happy.

Prioritize Your Goals
Understand what is important for you. You may have many smaller goals to work towards your objective and it's important to acknowledge which of those may need priority and also why. By focusing most of your attention on your most important goals, this will help you achieve those faster and keep your productivity more focused.

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