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The page is for making some random notes for myself, which can be any topics on academic, life, and many things. : ppp

Random Books (Physics): 

Quantization of Gauge Systems, Hennaux and Teitboim

(Hennaux and Teiboim are names to remember.) (A dictionary to quantize gauge theories.)

Essential Math:

Point Set Topology Munkres

Topological Manifolds

Algebraic Topology

Real Analysis

Complex Analysis

Functional Analysis

Measure Theory

Smooth Manifolds


Differential Topology

Metric Geometry

Ordinary Differential Equations

Partial Differential Equations

Lang Algebra

Representation Theory

Lie Groups

Symplectic Geometry

Complex Geometry

Index Theory

Spectral Geometry

Algebraic Geometry

Number Theory

Noncommutative Geometry

Summer Opportunities: 

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